New Hong Kong leader sworn

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A Chinese backed leader, Carrie Lam, was sworn in as Hong Kong’s new leader by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The ceremony took place at the same harbour front where two decades earlier, British Governor Chris Patten handed back Hong Kong to Chinese rule on July 1st, 1997.

Thousands of pro-democracy activists with banners calling “Democracy. Self Determination” were led away by the police, while pro-China groups remained and cheered loudly. Hong Kong’s activist complain that China’s growing encroachment on the city’s freedoms is a breach of the “one country, two systems” arrangement.

China refused Universal Suffrage to Hong Kong in 2014, which triggered three months of protests and growing calls for independence for the city.

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There again. China controlling again. I can’t say whether the encroachment by China has rendered a development in Hong Kong or not, but considering the thoughts and protests by the people, they are not pleased.

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