US President at a new low

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In a recent ‘mocking’ affair, President Trump firstly labelled MSNBC’s Morning Joe show as poorly rated and calling Mika Brzezinski a ‘low IQ crazy Mika’. Such name-calling has become so common that it wasn’t a surprise for most people. However, in another tweet, Trump commented that months earlier, Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough tried to spent time with him at his private club in Florida and he said no. He also mentioned that Brzezinski was bleeding badly from a face-lift.

Politicians from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress called the tweet un-presidential, vile, sexist and unbecoming of an American leader, divisive, unhinged and shameful. Trump has shown, once again, how he treats women and takes no offense in insulting them.

However, Trump’s staff came to his rescue. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that no one can sit back when attacked day after day, referring to the extent MSNBC’s host went to calling Trump possibly unfit mentally and saying that Trump is such a narcissist, it’s possible that he is mentally ill in a way.

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I think both sides are at fault here. MSNBC’s host shouldn’t be calling Trump names and mentally unfit ‘every day’, it is downgrading of a news network host. And President Trump, considering he is the most important person in the world currently, shouldn’t be short-tempered and should focus more on US Politics than some trivial show. Everyone is sure, as a President, he has more responsibilities than anyone can handle.

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