Sun is changing?

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Although these changes are not visible to the naked eye, you can have a good luck if viewing through a properly filtered telescope. Sunspots, the magnetic explosions occurring continuously on the Sun’s surface, are decreasing, a phenomenon that occurs every 11 years according to NASA.

Fewer Sunspots mean fewer X-rays and UV radiation to Earth, however, at the same time another type of solar activity is starting. During a solar minimum, as this phenomenon has been termed, coronal holes are developed. Coronal holes are large areas across the sun’s atmosphere that release solar particles from the star. These holes can last as long as six-months during a solar minimum.

During a solar minimum, space weather limits the amount of drag, which leads to a higher chance of space junk remaining in the Earth’s atmosphere. The cycle can create heightened and more dangerous circumstances for astronauts traveling in space during this time period.

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Solar Minimum. Sunspots. Coronal holes. Drag. This is still a small number of phenomenon that goes on in space.

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