Portugal loses in Confederations Cup 2017

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Chile beat Portugal in the Confederations Cup Semi-final on Wednesday. Both the teams reached penalty shootout after not being able to score any goals to gain a lead, and Chile beat Portugal 3-0 in the Penalty shootout. 3-0!

Chile’s and Manchaster City’s goal keeper, Claudio bravo, saved all the three penalties from Portugal’s Ricardo, Moutinho and Nani, while the strikers from Chile’s end nailed their penalty kicks at the back of the net.

Chile will now face Germany or Mexico (whoever wins the Semi-final) in the final match of the cup at St. Petersburg. While Portugal will face the losing side on Sunday for a third-place play-off.

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Why Portugal? I had so many hopes on you, on Ronaldo.

However, Congratulates Chile for the victory and specially the goalkeeper Claudio Bravo for the amazing goal saves! It was a game worth watching because of him.

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