Mayors join to commit to Renewable Energy

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More than 250 mayors in Several states in the United States have adopted a new climate change resolution that aims to push US cities to turn completely dependent on renewable energy by 2035. This is exact opposite of President Trump withdrawing US from the Climate Change Pact.

The resolution, which was adopted at the 85th Annual meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, was held from June 23rd to June 26th. The resolution will focus on energy efficiency, electrification of the US transport sector, driving city and energy technology innovation.

Specifically, the US mayors agreed to support onshore and offshore wind energy production. The membership of the number of mayors in the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda had grown from 61 to more than 200 within days of Donald Trump’s announcement on Paris climate deal.

Read the full article here

That’s a good sign. Mayors and citizen coming forward and taking the necessary steps to protect the environment and the future of their country. That shows that a country’s citizens want to progress and move forward.

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