Uranus’ light switch effect

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As Uranus rotates, it’s magnetosphere, the region defined by a planet’s magnetic field and the material trapped inside it, gets flipped on and off. The discovery was made after analyzing the data from Voyager 2 spacecraft, that recorded the data in a five-day flyby in January 1986, more than 30 years ago.

The magnetosphere is open in one orientation, that allows solar wind to flow into it. It then closes, thus forming a shield against the solar wind, which deflects it away from the planet. The magnetosphere opens again after meeting the solar wind in the ‘right way’. This open to closed to open phenomenon occurs every day.

The dis-connection and re-connection of magnetic fields occurs throughout the solar system, and is the cause for the Earth’s auroras.

Read the full article here

There is so much to learn more about the solar system, and even more about the universe. You learn a new phenomenon every-time you read an article regarding the planets and stars, and this is the most interesting part of it.

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