Grenades dropped on Venezuela’s Supreme court

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President Nicolas Maduro, the 54 year old socialist leader, has been facing months of opposition protests and dissent from within government. According to Maduro a Venezuelan police helicopter attacked Supreme Court, Presidential palace and other key government buildings by throwing grenades.

Maduro’s opponents ‘hate’ the Supreme Court of the country, considering its rulings that have bolstered Maduro’s power. Maduro has been called a murderous dictator by the opposition who has wrecked the economy of a ‘once-prosperous’ country.

Maduro warned that he and supporters would take up arms if his socialist government was violently overthrown by opponents who have been on the streets since April.

Read the full article here

So many of the countries, developed or developing, are having internal as well as external problems at this time. I wonder what the future holds for the world as a whole.

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