Usain Bolt running

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Usain Bolt is very confident that he is the fastest man to beat for all other opponents. He admitted that he had a horrible start this season and there have been impressive performances by other athletes, however he said that he is still the fastest man in the world.

Bolt will be running in the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava. He also mentioned that that he had struggled to handle his emotions when competing in Jamaica for the last time.

Bolt praised his old rival Justin Gatlin saying that Justin is a competitor and he will be looking forward to the competition from Justin, after hearing that Justin had won the 100 m at the US trials.

Laura Muir’s coach, Andy Young, mentioned that Laura will be competing in both the 1,500 m and 5,000 m medal at the World Championships.

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I don’t know how true it will be and how Bolt will perform during the match, but we wish you the best! Frankly though, the chances of him winning seem high.

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