Planet Nine: Does it exist?

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There is still a wide gap between the technology needed and the existing technology to know more about planets, stars and habitats outside our Solar System. Scientists are finding it hard to confirm the existence of Planet Nine, a planet that lies outside Neptune and orbits the Sun once every 15,000 years.

Researchers have noticed that the belt of asteroids beyond Neptune, which ranges for millions of kilometers, don’t float all over the place. Instead, these asteroids clump together such that every body that is part of the same clump, orbits the Sun at the same angle. This strange phenomenon was explained by the existence of Planet Nine that caused the planets to cluster due to it’s gravity.

However, Cory Shankman, a Canadian scientist, has argued that the clusters are mere observational bias i.e. that we are only capable of observing objects that technology allows us to. Therefore, there might be other objects out there that are not visible to us but are there, thus saying that there is no reason for a Planet Nine to exist.

Read the full article here

The best method reported to give a final and correct answer is a direct vision of such a planet, which no current equipment’s are capable of observing. Maybe in a few years.

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