China border stand-off with India

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China has shut down Nathu La pass in Sikkim. The pass is used by tourists wanting to visit Kailash Mansoravar (Tibet). According to the Indian reports, People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) crossed the territory and destroyed bunkers, while the Chinese reported that the Indian army caused interference in China’s work of road construction in the Donglong area.

However, pilgrims are still allowed to use the older route to Kailash Mansoravar through Lipulkeh, Uttarakhand. The new Nathu La pass was opened just in 2015, and had hardly reported any problems until now.

China also said that the construction of the above-mentioned roads by the Chinese side is entirely sovereign act in its own territory, and the Indian side has no right to interfere.

Read the full article here

Blocking road construction? Why? I am sure the Indian army should have a good reason for doing that, and they should make it public if such is the case. Never a dull moment at the border.

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