US tries to ease tension in Middle East

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Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson asked for ‘lowering of rhetoric’ between Qatar and the Saudi-Arabia led group. The Saudi-Arabia led group wants Qatar to accept the 13-point ultimatum that aims to fight “terrorism” and “extremism” if Qatar wants to end the three-week old diplomatic and trade block.

The diplomatic tensions in the Middle East, which had escalated considerably after President Trump’s visit to the region, and further so by his tweets in which he sided with Saudi Arabia even after the diplomatic and trade block started, might also threaten the future of the US air base in Qatar that staffs more than 10,000 US personnel.

In hopes to calm the block, Tillerson also mentioned that the United States believes that it’s allies and partners are stronger when they are working together towards one goal.

However, Qatar sees the move against it’s country as limiting its sovereignty and outsourcing the foreign policy.

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It’s really strange. The US President messed the things even more, while his staff is trying to find ways to make things come back to normal. And Saudi Arabia is being very tough on Qatar as a neigbor without being reasonable. In fact, India should try to take this stand with it’s neighboring countries.

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