Fuel Tanker explosion in Pak

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A tanker truck overturned in Ahmedpur East, a small city in Punjab province in Pakistan, attracted hundreds of people to get their buckets/bottles and collect the free flowing fuel. The fuel, which is a valuable commodity in the country so much so that people do not care the hazards of mishandling it, was freely flowing from the 5,500 gallons capacity tanker.

People from nearby villages came in cars, motor-bikes, cycles or walking to collect the fuel. However, the tanker exploded suddenly and killed more than 150 people, injuring another 100 or more. At least 73 motobikes and cars were destroyed in the blast that occured just a day before the auspicious Eid al-Fitr.

The cause of the blast is yet unknown, however people believe that a spark from a nearby vehicle caused the fuel to explode. Another person reported seeing a passer-by throwing off a lighted cigarette on the fuel, thus causing the explosion.

Read the full article here

Please pray for the deceased and speedy recovery for those injured.

Many people might not understand why people would huddle up near a turned oil tanker leaking fuel. That’s how it is in most of the countries in the world that are still developing, and have millions of people below the poverty line.

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