Bright nights mystery solved

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Scientists have been able to solve the unusual glow that appears in the sky after dark, the glow that let’s us observe our watch, read a newspaper or observe distant mountains. The phenomenon occurs mainly when waves in the upper atmosphere (at specific locations) are amplified naturally.

According to the historical records, the bright lights have been observed over centuries such as in 1783, 1908 and 1916. The best observations are seen in places where there is practically no light pollution, which is today’s world is hard to occur.

The main reason for airglow/bright-lights is the emissions of different colors of light from chemical reactions in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Such as, the green light occurs when sun light splits the oxygen molecule into individual atoms, which then re-combine to give off excess energy as visible light.

Read the full article here

Wow. So the lights appear due to the different gases present in the upper atmosphere which are split apart by the sun. This is unique. Also, see the advantages of Oxygen, it even makes the sky look beautiful.

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