Total Solar Eclipse in US

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US will have the first total solar eclipse, from coast to coast, since 1918. That is to say, the total solar eclipse will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina. The event is expected to spark watching parties and traffic jams. However, it is advised to watch the eclipse only when the surface of the sun is completely blocked by the moon.

People could watch the eclipse through 14 states on August 21 from 10:15 am PDT in Oregon to 2:49 pm EDT in South Carolina. The sky is expected to turn deep twilight blue revealing bright stars and planets.

NASA is expected to fly high-altitude research balloons and airplanes for solar physics and other experiments.

Read the full article here

This is exciting, considering the Moon will cast its 70 mile shadow on the United States for the first time since 1918. So basically, a whole new generation will be looking at the eclipse.

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