Islamist militants take students hostage

#IslamistMilitants #terrorism #students #victims #Philippines #BIFF #Pigcawayan #incident

Around 300 Islamic State militants, members of Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) took several students hostage in a school located in Pigcawayan, southern Philippines. The incident happened in the same island where a city just 190 kilometers north of Pigcawayan, i.e. Marawai City has been a battleground for the Philippines military and Islamic State since May 23rd.

The mayor, Eliseo Garcesa, was still seeking more information on the number of casualties.

However, the incident led the Phillippine military to gain momentum in Marawai city, where Phillipine aircrafts launched a renewed push against the militants.

Read the full article here

Please pray for the safety of those students and teachers.

So the militants/terrorists have now entered a school and are keeping students hostage. Clearly that low is the kind of thing you should expect from them.

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