India – Justice Karnan – contempt

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Calcutta high-court judge Justice Karnan was arrested in Coimbatore, becoming the first sitting judge in India’s legal history to be held in contempt by the Supreme Court. Justice Karnan was held in contempt after he wrote a letter addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in January.

Justice Karnan had accused 20 sitting and retired judges of corruption in his letter dated January 23rd, 2017. These judges were mainly from different High-courts in India, and also the Supreme Court. The letter remains un-investigated till date.

On March 10th, the Supreme Court issued a bailable warrant against Justice Karnan, just hours after Karnan had ordered a CBI probe against SC judges. The action made Justice Karnan call the SC bench unconstitutional, and on May 2nd he ordered non-bailable warrants against seven judges of Supreme Court (including the Chief Justice of India).

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A justice of high court must have a reason for whatever he has done, and same goes for the judges in the Supreme Court. So who is right, and who is wrong. Some questions remain un-answered.

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