Hockey World League Update

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The match between India and Netherlands was interesting to watch, with Netherlands gaining the upper hand early in the game. India lost the match 1 – 3, however has qualified to the knockout stage considering it won all the first three matches in it’s group our of the four.

Due to Sardar Singh losing the ball early in the game, Netherland’s Thierry Brinkman made no mistake in scoring a goal at the 2nd minute of the game. Indian defence got back on it’s feet after that and saved a few strikes, however at the 12th minute Netherland scored again from the penalty corner.

India got a penalty corner after that but failed to change it to a goal. At the 24th minute, Bjorn Kellerman of Netherland passed the ball to Micro Pruijser, who in turn converted it to a goal. The rest of the game was pretty back and forth with both tries attempting to score goals, and both the goal keepers making excellent saves.

It was only later on that Akashdeep from India took a field strike and scored a goal.

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So, India will be facing Malaysia on Thursday, while Netherlands will be facing China on the same day. This is interesting, I wonder if both teams can have a face off in semi-finals or finals.

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