Colonize Mars, the main mission

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It was only yesterday when NASA revealed it’s 10 Earth like planets, with one of them (KOI 7711) being called an Earth twin. However, NASA deputy director, Lt. General Larry James, mentioned that since Kepler can basically confirm the presence of planet, it’s size, and it’s speed around it’s host star, scientists have to calculate whether the planet lies in the habitable zone. And still, there is no confirmation regarding the presence of life.

However, for now, NASA has it’s eyes on Mars, and it’s colonization. It is currently working on the human and rocket technologies required for a long mission. It is also focusing on how to keep the crew alive and healthy while they are in space for more than 2 years.

It takes around five to six months to reach Mars, and astronauts will probably stay there for an year till both Mars and Earth align again for the shortest distance, and it will take another five to six months on the journey back to Earth.

The first stage is to going to the moon and building a habitat there, and helping astronauts stay there for long periods of time. (As mentioned previously, it aims to build a lunar hub, from where rockets/flights could be boarded and sent to Mars). NASA is estimating the launch of a human to orbit Mars will be in 2030s.

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This is amazing. Getting ready for Mars missions, although there is still much time left. However, there is still a lot of research to be done regarding the Martian atmosphere and duration of travel, so that to build the most accessible and comfortable space suits/rockets for the astronauts.

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